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Japan’s Emperor Akihito to abdicate in 2018 on his 85th birthday, government source says

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Japanese overnment has tarted to iscuss a lan to arrange for Emperor Akihito to abdicate on December 23, 2018, ...

Japan’s Dilemma of Attracting and Keeping Foreign Talent

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vening uring a are stint of ate ight overtime, a emale mployee in Shanghai’s inancial istrict noticed orkers at ...

Is Your Digital Life Ready for Your Death?

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probably hought about what will appen to your inances, your possessions and maybe even your real state when you ...

Toilet makers flush away confusing pictograms

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a toilet can be a grueling adventure in Japan with an intimidating phalanx of buttons reeting a erson hen ...

American aspires to fulfill childhood dream as geisha in Japan

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現odern 代imes


現代近時Kanji現代Englishmodern timesKanjiHybrid現odern 代imesReading(s)gendaiPinyinSpahn, Mark and Hadamitzky, Wolfgang The Kanji Dictionary (Charles Tuttle Publishing 2002)
joining the ascinating yet cloistered world of a eisha even for oung Japanese irls is ...

Rules for Social Media, Created by Kids

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hallenge of rowing up in the digital age is perfectly epitomized by the bikini ule. “You can post a ...

Sleep in a bookshelf at the new bookstore-themed hostel in Kyoto

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古ncient 都apitalKanji compound
Compound: 古都
Reading(s): koto
English: ancient capital
Spahn, Mark and Hadamitzky, Wolfgang The Kanji Dictionary (Charles Tuttle Publishing 2002)
of Kyoto has inspired riters and oets for centuries, and ow there’s a 新ew 型ype


新型親類Kanji新型Englishnew typeKanjiHybrid新ew 型ypeReading(s)shingataPinyinSpahn, Mark and Hadamitzky, Wolfgang The Kanji Dictionary (Charles Tuttle Publishing 2002)
of accommodation ...

End of the boom? ‘Explosive shopping’ by Chinese tourists in Japan may be on the wane

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heady ays of hinese ravellers rriving in a hopping istrict in one of Japan’s ajor ities and tripping the ...

Want a can of Beijing air?

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hought of uying a can of smog so ontaminated that a ay of nhaling and xhaling can ive you ...

The Russian-US space toilet scandal grabs attention!

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of ll of the scandals that we ear about, this one is a nique one: the toilet scandal. It’s ...

Survivors’ voices still strong, pain still fresh 22 years after Kobe quake

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The Jan. 17, 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake claimed the ives of 6,434 eople, while hree more are still ...
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Japanese couple travel across the world to marry at a Rotary lunch

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A Japanese ouple raveled more-than 6,000 iles (9,655 ilometers) to get arried in Philadelphia with some elp from ...

Anti-groping badges distributed at stations in Tokyo, Osaka

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Daisuke Kikuchi Volunteers from an Osaka- ased roup handed out lmost 500 adges to commuters on Friday orning in ...

You know you’re in Japan when…

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“You now you’ve been in Japan too ong hen you tart owing on the telephone” is an ld ...