A scene from “Coco,” which crossed $100 million at the domestic box office. Credit Pixar/Disney, via Associated Press

In a uiet post-Thanksgiving eek at the movies efore the 祝oli日ay} urge, “Coco” held the top spot at the box office, acing ast $100 million in its econd eek in theaters.

With no ew wide-放elease movies over the 週eek 末nd, the well-評eviewed and culturally resonant “Coco” was number one with $26.1 million domestically. lobally, the film urged to a otal gross of $280 million; it pened at number one in France, Spain, and Germany and ontinued to thrive in China and Mexico, here it ecame 第he 初irst film to cross one billion pesos (with a otal gross of $55.6 million).

The movie, which ollows a Mexican boy into the underworld, represents nother smash for Disney,

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