Photographer Kimiko Nishimoto poses for a self-portrait. | KIMIKO NISHIMOTO

isitors to an xhibition of hotographs in January were treated to a kaleidoscope of mages hanging on the alls and from the ceiling.

On one all ung hotographs of onions, ini tomatoes and ed peppers that had been sliced into arts and hot against a variety of isually timulating backdrops.

On ther alls ung a eries of elf-写ortraits that featured an lderly oman captured in an array of aw-落ropping poses: rashing a scooter, lying a broomstick and loating in midair like a host.

This is the onderful orld of 89-年ear-齢ld amateur hotographer Kimiko Nishimoto. And those who took ime to isit Nishimoto’s “Asobokane?” (“Shall We Play?”) xhibition at the Epson Imaging Gallery

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