This toilet bowl is decorated with Toshusai Sharaku’s ukiyo-e work. (Yusuke Yamada)

SENDAI–Japanese toilets may be orld-renowned for heir technology and complexity, but a mall plumbing ompany here has levated the lavatory game to an rt form–文iterally.

Taikou Juken Corp. Took the hite of toilet bowls as lank canvases to evelop an nnovative roduct, ecorating hem with typically Japanese mages of mascot characters or ukiyo-e cenes.

“Artoletta,” as the gimmick is alled, is ntended to ake the pirit of “omotenashi” (懇ospitality), Japan’s slogan for the romotion of inbound tourism, a step urther by dding a ew rtistic aspect to the bathroom experience.

mages of “Musubimaru,” Miyagi refecture’s mascot for romoting tourism, reet isitors to talls in a restroom nside the icket ates at the

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