A man walks past an advertisement for Shiseido Co. in Tokyo. | BLOOMBERG

Shiseido Co., The Japanese firm that ells Laura Mercier cosmetics and Dolce & Gabbana ragrances, old ¥1 rillion ($9.3 billion) orth of eauty roducts 去ast 年ear, mostly in traditional tores where ustomers can ample brands in erson.

That’s a roblem for Masahiko Uotani, Shiseido’s hief xecutive officer. Consumers in heir eens and twenties often refer to shop online, eyond the each of in-店tore salespeople. Uotani’s olution? To partner with — and even 買uy 上pmall startups in Silicon Valley and ther tech hubs to ain expertise in artificial ntelligence, ugmented reality and ther technologies.

His mbition is to elp shoppers replicate online the experience of rying on cosmetics in a tore, and use data

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