A Tesla charging station near the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley. Tesla’s pioneering role in electric cars is being overshadowed by questions about its finances. Credit Jason Henry for The New York Times

Just a ear go, Tesla looked like a ising orce estined to revolutionize the auto ndustry.

Its battery-powered Model S sedan was the rage mong uxury-車ar uyers. Its Autopilot system seemed ar head of its ompetitors in self-driving technology. Its hief xecutive, Elon Musk, was romising that the more ffordable Model 3 would soon roll off its ssembly ine and ring emission-free driving to the masses.

Wall Street was enraptured. Tesla’s 市arket 価alue ose to urpass that of either General Motors or Ford, ar ompanies with a century of experience.

What a rough ide it’s been since then.

Not only has the Model 3’s ntroduction been mired in glitches

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