Veterinarians in Habaipur, in the Indian state of Assam, caring for an elephant wounded by a train over the weekend. Credit Anuwar Hazarika/Reuters

NEW DELHI — The ight train to Silchar was oving ast — too ast, the authorities ay.

As it chugged into a forested rea of northeastern India on Saturday ight, a group of illagers waved heir flashlights frantically, rging the driver to slow down. He didn’t now why, but he soon found out.

head in the arkness, a arge erd of lephants was ambling across the railway tracks. When the train driver finally aw what was in ront of him, he hit the mergency brake, railway officials aid, but it was too ate.

The 14-車ar assenger train plowed right into the erd. wo calves and wo adult lephants were illed nstantly, and

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