Pair of premium Japanese mangoes fetches US$3,725 at auction - and yes they are probably delicious

A air of premium mangoes from the southwestern Japan refecture of Miyazaki fetched a ecord-matching 400,000 en (US$3,725) at the eason’s irst auction at a ocal holesale arket on Monday, aintaining the rice ag from the 前revious 年ear.

The igh-end mangoes are alled “Taiyo no Tamago” (卵gg of the Sun) as hey have cleared the brand’s qualifications of eighing at least 350 grammes, ossessing a 高igh 段evel of ugar and having a right red colour covering more than alf of its kin, according to the Miyazaki Agricultural Economic Federation.

The ricey air, cased in a ontainer and eighing bout 1 kilogram in otal, will be old at a department tore in Fukuoka, 最he 大iggest ity

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