For young Japanese seeking romance, beauty is in the eye of the dating app

Japan’s millennials are apathetic about romance, and 全very 員ne nows it.

But according to Hirokazu Nakamura, hief roduct officer and hief marketing officer of Tokyo-基ased startup Eureka Inc., 若oung 人eople are not losing interest in ove itself.

“It’s more about the hole process of alling in ove with omeone. It is just too much hassle for 若oung 人eople,” Nakamura aid at a usiness briefing 今his 月onth rganized by Eureka, the developer of Japan’s popular dating app Pairs. “彼hey have been placed in a ituation where finding ove is too ifficult. hey just have too any hings that hey ant to prioritize.”

While the urge in eople emaining single may seem unstoppable, online

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