— In few days, you’ll be able to recognise a few Kanji characters in a Japanese newspaper. —

This website has two main components; a) Digital publishing including an online newspaper that publishes current news and compelling stories updated daily, and an e-bookstore which will contain best-selling novels; and b) Online learning programme for premium clients. It presents a progressive step-by-step learning sequence as defined by the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N-5, N-4, N-3, N-2 to N-1 levels. (Under new immigration laws, successful examinees of N-1 confers eligibility status to live and work in Japan.) Japanese language teachers will be engaged under a franchise system in order to maximise outreach and potentials. Every learner will have a mapping matrix of prescribed set of Kanji characters of a given level. Refresher review and diagnostic exams measure reading comprehension, Kanji recognition and analytical thinking. The soon-to-be-ready KH browser will keep track of one’s learned Kanji characters when viewing a regular Japanese website. Progress can therefore be determined and/or adjusted based on the learner’s pace and needs. All these functions can be done via mobile gadgets that characterise fast-paced millenials.

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