The pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law outside the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong on Tuesday. Credit Bobby Yip/Reuters

HONG KONG — hree eaders of rotests that illed Hong Kong treets for eeks had heir rison entences hrown out by Hong Kong’s ighest ourt on Tuesday, in a ase that has drawn international crutiny over ccusations that the overnment was carrying out prosecutions to unish 政olitical 敵pponents.

Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law had been sentenced to rison erms ranging from ix to ight onths for heir oles in the 2014 rotests, nown as the Umbrella Movement.

heir mprisonment 去ast 年ear had ed some ro-democracy oliticians to all them “政olitical risoners,” an ccusation the Hong Kong overnment ejected.

Mr. Wong and Mr. Law had originally been sentenced to community service,

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