Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (right) speaks during a meeting Tuesday at his office in Tokyo. | KYODO

The overnment on Tuesday pproved a lan to oin a U.S.-提roposed roject to uild a ew pace tation orbiting the oon, oping for a hance to end Japanese astronauts to the 月unar 面urface for the 初irst 回ime.

The ove omes amid ingering oubts over U.S. President Donald Trump’s roposal, which did not etail how it would und the ush to eturn astronauts to the oon.

nder its asic pace olicy road map, Japan is aiming to ontribute to the U.S.-Led roject, xpected to be ompleted in the 下atter 期alf of the 2020s, by roviding an unmanned 荷argo 船hip and technology that revents pace radiation from arming astronauts.

首rime 相inister Shinzo Abe old

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