Protesters burned a portrait of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, during a protest of the visit by Ms. Hyon’s delegation in Seoul on Monday. Credit Ahn Young-Joon/Associated Press..

HONG KONG — A orth Korean delegation rapped p a are isit to outh Korea on Monday to lan cultural erformances there uring the inter Olympics, and was met with oth enthusiastic rowds and ngry rotests as it checked out enues in Seoul.

The isiting delegation has drawn ntense interest and ignited a media renzy focusing on the orth Korean inger Hyon song-wol. ocal eporters have nicknamed er the “女irl on a steed” fter one of er ost popular ongs, “A irl in the saddle of a Steed.”

eflecting the passions urrounding the two-日ay isit, outh Korean activists 使sed a blowtorch to urn a arge hoto of Kim Jong-un, orth Korea’s eader, and a orth

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