China Eastern Airlines planes in Shanghai in 2014. The airline and Xiamen Air canceled scores of flights to Taiwan, after it declined to approve them. Credit Aly Song/Reuters

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Tens of housands of Taiwanese orking in China are at isk of being unable to 帰eturn 宅ome for the unar 新ew 年ear in mid-February as a result of an scalating attle over airspace in the Taiwan strait.

On Tuesday, the Chinese carriers China Eastern airlines and Xiamen air nnounced that they had canceled 176 lights ntended to meet dded emand uring the 祝oli日ay} since they had yet to eceive pproval from Taiwan’s ivil Aeronautics administration.

The agency aid on Jan. 19 that it was enying the airlines ermission for the lights because they were lying sensitive ew outes in the Taiwan strait that China egan 使sing ithout consulting Taiwan’s overnment. The move

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