A steel factory in Dalian, China. The Trump administration has placed tariffs on a number of items, including electronic touch screens, iron and steel plates, medical devices, aircraft parts, batteries and other Chinese products. Credit China Network/Reuters

WASHINGTON — The Trump dministration aid Tuesday that it will place a 25 percent ariff on Chinese roducts like lat-screen televisions, edical evices, ircraft arts and batteries, outlining more than 1,300 imported oods that will soon ace evies as part of a weeping rade easure aimed at enalizing China for its rade practices.

The ove, which tems from a White House nvestigation into China’s 使se of ressure, ntimidation and heft to obtain American technologies, is likely to nflame an lready-simmering rade ar etween the ountries. On Monday, China aid it would lap ariffs on 128 American roducts in response to a eparate White House lan to ax teel and aluminum from China and 他ther 国ountries.

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