© AFP/File | The scientists now have three hens whose eggs containing the drug "interferon beta", with the birds laying eggs almost daily, the report said


Japanese esearchers have genetically engineered hens whose ggs ontain rugs that can ight 重erious 患iseases ncluding ancer, in a bid to ramatically educe the ost of reatment, a eport aid Monday.

If the scientists are able to afely roduce “interferon beta”, a type of protein 使sed to treat llnesses ncluding ultiple sclerosis and hepatitis, by earing the hens, the rice of the rugurrently p to 100,000 en ($888) for a few microgrammes — could all significantly, aid the English dition of the Yomiuri Shimbun.

esearchers at the National nstitute of dvanced ndustrial cience and Technology (AIST) in the Kansai egion icked off the process by ntroducing genes that roduce

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