The Cardiac Scan authentication system uses a Doppler radar to analyze the cardiac motion that's unique to each individual.

Apple has gone with acial ecognition for the iPhone X, but esearchers reckon heir ew ardiac-scan authentication system is even more resilient to spoofing ttacks.

esearchers have eveloped a ontinuous 使ser-authentication system that elies on the unique easure of the ize and hape of a eart as it’s eating.

On a PC, rather than logging in with a password or ressing a inger to a eader, the system passively and ontinuously scans a 使ser’s eart and logs the ndividual out when he or he eaves the esk.

The ardiac Scan authentication system, eveloped by esearchers at the University at uffalo, SUNY, and Texas Tech University, 使ses a Doppler radar to nalyze a

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