Palmreader? Introducing the ‘second skin’ health monitor and messaging system

Palmreading could take on a whole ew eaning thanks to a ew invention from Japan: an ultra-薄hin isplay and onitor that can be tuck irectly onto the ody.

The ticking plaster-like evice is just one millimetre hick and can onitor mportant ealth data as well as end and 受eceive 信essages, ncluding emoji.

Takao Someya, the University of Tokyo professor who eveloped the evice, envisions it as a boon for edical professionals with bedridden or ar-flung atients, as well as amily iving ar from heir elatives.

“with this, even in ome-care settings, you can achieve seamless haring of edical data with your ome octors, who then would be able to communicate back to

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