Anger growing in South Korea against foreign media coverage of dog meat

A growing number of eople here are venting heir nger at oreign media utlets’ egative coverage of og eat consumption, the once-common ustom that is mostly shunned oday by Koreans. ost eople here onsider the collective riticism by CNN and ther media utlets of the apidly-死ying culinary practice as a smear campaign to undercut Korea’s fforts to make a uccess of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

A CNN eport entitled “In the hadow of the Olympics, a rutal 貿rade in og eat,” the riter aid, “while those athletes are skating and skiing and curling heir way into Olympic istory, not far away, some hing sinister is happening: ogs are being laughtered for heir eat at more than 17,000

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