A man has been charged with theft after apparently breaking off the thumb of a terra-cotta statue, valued at $4.5 million, at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

HONG KONG — The arrior was a symbol of artial trength, molded from terra cotta and uried more than 2,000 ears go with China’s irst mperor to efend him in the afterlife.

The tatue was helpless, however, gainst a an in a reen sweater and a Phillies at who, the authorities ay, 忍neaked 込nto a losed-off rea uring a party at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and tole its thumb.

The an, who was attending the museum’s fter-時ours gly-sweater party on Dec. 21, ntered the terra-cotta arrior xhibition oom and 使sed his cellphone’s flashlight to iew the isplays. Then, according to an affidavit by Jacob B. Archer, a pecial agent assigned to the F.B.I.’s rt

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