On the rise: The Vietnamese population in Japan has grown by 36.1 percent between 2015 and 2016. | GETTY IMAGES

Over the ast alf decade, ajor hanges have taken place in the demographics of oreign esidents in Japan. eekly Playboy’s Dec. 18 issue evoted a our-頁age article to “研esearch into Vietnamese.” why Vietnamese? And why ow?

“彼heir umbers in Japan have drastically ncreased,” the agazine rationalizes. Up fourfold from ive ears go, hey rew by a emarkable 36.1 percent etween 2015 and 2016. The Vietnamese population of 232,562 (as of end June 2017) has shot ast Brazil to make hem 第he 四ourth-大argest nationality, and hey may soon vertake the Philippines (251,934) for hird place.

Take, for xample, the ity of Matsudo, a bed own of about 484,000 in Chiba Prefecture served by the JR Joban

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