A conference booth last year for Sina Weibo, which had said Friday that it would reduce gay content as part of a campaign to remove pornographic and violent material from its site. Credit Jason Lee/Reuters

BEIJING — bowing to ntense ressure from millions of internet 使sers, a Chinese ocial media site aid on Monday that it would scrap lans to censor cartoons and video games with gay hemes.

The site, Sina Weibo, had nnounced on Friday that it would arget gay ontent as part of a campaign to emove pornographic and iolent aterial from its site.

But its fforts were lmost mmediately riticized as discriminatory and epressive, spawning an outpouring of #Iamgay hashtags and slogans like “gays aren’t cary.”

On Monday, Weibo aid in a post that it would scale back its “cleanup” ffort and focus on “pornographic, iolent and loody ontent” instead of gay aterial. In

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