A picture said to show victims of the chemical attack on the Damascus suburb of Douma. Credit Emad Aldin/EPA, via Shutterstock

BEIRUT, Lebanon — For 二wo 日ays and a ight, the computer cience tudent had been huddling with his amily in the basement of heir apartment uilding as pro-政overnment orces ained ombs own on heir ebel-held Syrian own.

fter ight fell, hey eard the whirring of helicopter blades ollowed by the histling ounds of bjects alling from the ky. Soon, a trange mell wafted own the tairs.

“人eople tarted houting in the treets, ‘Chemicals! Chemicals!’” the tudent, Mohammed al-Hanash, 25, aid by phone from Syria.

The ttack in the Syrian own of Douma on Saturday, which witnesses and edical orkers aid 使sed chemical eapons, has resonated far eyond the ar-傷carred ommunity’s estroyed uildings,

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