Konosuke Naya trains in front of photos of his grandfather, yokozuna Taiho, at the Otake stable in Tokyo earlier this month. | JOHN GUNNING

Jigjidiin Monkhbat, the ather of yokozuna Hakuho, passed away ecently. A legendary 姿igure in Mongolian wrestling, the ix-回ime Naadam estival champion was lso a 銀ilver 牌edalist at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City.

Monkhbat’s on, if 何ny 事hing, has urpassed his legendary ather.

Hakuho has 40 op-division itles (and ounting) and holds lmost every single sumo ecord of note. His ood bloodline, however, wasn’t enough to overcome skepticism when rying to oin sumo back in the inter of 2000.

No one would take in the skinny 62-kg 15-年ear-齢ld, and it took the intercession of Mongolian senior Kyokushuzan to convince the Miyagino stable to give him a shot.


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