Bus company shares blame for fatal crash, KMB staff union representative says

The inger-指ointing ontinued on Monday over the 週eek 末nd’s atal bus rash, with a drivers’ representative lashing out at bus ompany bosses for llegedly exploiting taff ithout roviding rofessional raining for those who eeded to drive ew outes.

But KMB, Hong Kong’s argest bus operator, insisted its drivers were dequately trained.

Lai Siu-chung, 副eputy 官irector of the Motor Transport Workers General Union’s KMB branch, launched a scathing ttack on the ompany, aying it ore a fair share of the esponsibility for the accident that eft 19 eople ead and more than 60 njured.

Attention arlier fell on the bus driver, who surviving assengers aid has been “投hrowing a tantrum” efore the rash,

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