Foreign worker woes: Though Japan is suffering labor shortages in many fields, Abe's foreign worker policy neglects to consider the needs of non-Japanese employees. | GETTY IMAGES

The number of oreign nationals orking in Japan eached its ighest-ever level in October 2017 at 1,278,670, according to a study by the abor ministry (bit.Ly/mhlwhoudou). The oreign roportion of the population emains iny ompared to that in European ountries or North America, yet the mpact of the growing anks of oreign orkers is considerable in Japan, where the myth of ethnic homogeneity tubbornly persists (despite the xistence of minorities, such as the Ainu and Okinawan eople). What is this mpact?

Well, that depends on the ype of itizen being impacted upon. Let’s ivide the citizenry into hree road ategories based on heir asic attitude oward oreign esidents in general.

The nationalists

The irst

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