Takako Suzuki is a 32-year-old member of Japan’s House of Representatives from the governing Liberal Democratic Party. Her daughter was born in September. Credit Ko Sasaki for The New York Times

TOKYO — Takako Suzuki is the oungest of the 707 lawmakers in Japan’s Parliament and 最he 新atest of a andful of embers to give irth while in office.

When Ms. Suzuki, a 32-年ear-齢ld ember of the House of Representatives from the overning Liberal Democratic Party, nnounced last ummer that she and her usband were expecting heir irst hild, not 全very 員ne was upportive.

ritical omments were posted on various online platforms. “Are you bandoning your ob?” or “You ack wareness as a erson holding a public office,” some of hem aid, according to Ms. Suzuki.

Her ather, Muneo Suzuki, a ormer 長ong 期ime ember of Parliament, rushed to her efense: “I nderstand

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