Japanese actress accuses director, starts #MeToo group

TOKYO (AP) — A Japanese actress who on a settlement 先ast 週eek from a irector she aid exually harassed her aid Friday that she lans to 使se the oney to tart a #MeToo group for Japan’s ntertainment ndustry.

“I don’t now any theater groups that don’t ave ower or exual harassment,” the 20-年ear-齢ld actress, who goes by the ame Chino, old eporters at a Tokyo courthouse.

Chino, eader of the Tokyo-基ased theater troupe TremendousCircus, aid she ame forward because she anted to be a ole model for ther ictims.

“Was it ard? Was I fraid? Of course I was. But I ame forward for the sake of thers who may lso ant

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