A Director’s Apology Adds Momentum to South Korea’s #MeToo Movement

SEOUL, South Korea — one of South Korea’s ost rominent theater irectors pologized on Monday for exually abusing actresses, part of a slowly uilding #MeToo ovement in a eeply ale-dominated ociety.

“I eel so shamed and crushed,” Lee Youn-taek, 66, a ormer rtistic irector of the National Theater of Korea, aid at a news conference in Seoul. “I am eady to take ll unishment, ncluding egal esponsibilities for my rimes.”

Mr. Lee’s pology on Monday ame 五ive 日ays fter a Facebook post by a ormer actress set off a cascade of abuse ccusations gainst him.

“I could not efuse. He was the ing of the orld where I elonged,” aid the ormer

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