Son Attacks Father For Improperly Cooking Soup

Son Attacks Father For Improperly Cooking Soup
ow 血lood 糖ugar makes you irritable and more likely to lash out at thers. Or, as Snickers would ay, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Unfortunately, for one ather and on in Thailand, the combination of hangry (hungry and ngry) and an incomplete, low boiling oup led to urder.

Sakdin Duangphakhon, 36-年ears-齢ld, 帰eturned 宅ome from ork. He ived with is other and ather in a one-story ouse in Buriram, located in outhern Thailand. On the way ome, Sakdin topped to uy ork for is avorite oup. is ather, 65-year-齢ld Ngor, volunteered to prepare the eal. hile is ather ooked, Sakdin grabbed a ottle of beer and went to it utside in a hammock.

Before long,

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