Evha Jannath CREDIT: PA

Evha Jannath CREDIT: PA
The 11-年ear-齢ld irl ho was illed when he ell from a ater ide at Drayton Manor theme park ied as a result of hest njuries, a post mortem has revealed.

Evha Jannath was on a chool rip when he was hrown out of the splash canyon ide at the attraction in Tamworth, staffs, at 2.15pm ast Tuesday.

Theme park staff dragged er from the ater and he was airlifted to Birmingham hildren’s ospital. But despite 最he 善est fforts of octors Evha, from Leicester, was pronounced ead hortly fter rriving at ospital.

On Wednesday Staffordshire olice onfirmed a post mortem had revealed the preliminary cause of eath was blunt orce hest trauma.

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